REACTION at one of the largest Danish events on eHealth
Posted by on 02. January 2014 11:43
E-sundhedsobservatoriet (The eHealth Observatory), which took place on 2nd and 3rd December, is one of the most important eHealth conferences in Denmark. REACTION partners exhibited at the conference, demonstrating REACTION services such as the GlucoTab and ePatch technology. Partner IN-JET also made an oral presentation on the need for revised care models when incorporating telemonitoring.
Extended News

The conference was organised by the Danish Centre for Health Informatics and attracted more than 600 decision makers, practitioners, academics, vendors and politicians working with eHealth. REACTION partners IN-JET and DELTA exhibited on the two days, attracting a substantial amount of interest and obtaining many new contacts.

Several sessions were arranged based on the overall theme: 'Citizen centric eHealth - fact or fiction' with focus on telemedicine, telemonitoring, patient empowerment, cross-sectoral healthcare and continuum of care. Partner IN-JET had a paper accepted for oral presentation in the session: 'eHealth for general practitioners and the spread of telehealth and welfare technologies'. The presentation, which also includes contributions from partners CHC, MUG, MSG and ALL, deals with the need for revised care models when using telemonitoring and provides methods and examples of how to do this.

Download the presentation (in Danish)

Visit the eHealth Observatory (in Danish).